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Diving into Uprise Audio’s ranks once again, Juss B returns with his newest release (UA034) with an original track ‘Bussin‘ & an official remix of ‘Blow My Smoke‘ from Bukez Finezt on the B side. Both tracks carry weight & charisma throughout and really show what Uprise Audio are bringing to the table at the moment.

With another release under his belt, Torrey ‘Juss B’ Thomas continues to provide ridiculous production levels with ‘Bussin’. With eery stabbing plucks and ambient effects, he creates suspense for an atmospheric intro, which switches up with meticulous LFO basses that will straight away SMASH a dance to shreds. As soon as the vocal sample ‘Bussin Shots’ comes through, it leaves you with a murky face and a gun finger in the air. This one will continue to be shredded in raves for the foreseeable future.

Berlin based Bukez Finezt comes in with a remix of ‘Blow My Smoke’ from Juss B’s previous album back in May 2017. The original was a staple tune in many a set & Bukez definitely does it justice with his rendition. It’s very different to the original and the vocals throughout are infectious to the ears. The melodies make you swing throughout with the hard hitting womps & stomps  that create a perfect balance. Do yourself a favour and listen to this one with a wicked sub.

Listen to the previews below –

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Uprise Audio 034 (UA034) is out 27th September on all good digital stores, including Juno, Bandcamp, Beatport & more. You can also check out the socials below in the meantime –


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