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Coki Meets Trixx Part 2‘ EP was created as a cross-continental partnership; Trixx working from the confines of his home studio in Jamaica, Coki based in London. Thousands of miles apart, the pair intwine sonically to create one harmonious body of work and a shared expression of their feeling for home.

Following vocal singles ‘Fullness‘ and ‘What You Do‘ with Tallulah Blue and Donovan Kingjay which dropped leading up to the full release, ‘Superman Riddim’ kick starts the EP’s track list, coming in from the get-go with its upbeat rhythmic salute to Carnival’s return to London. ‘Savanna La Mar’ flows next, paying homage to WestmorlandJamaica, the homeplace to Coki’s father and a place where he spent much of his formative teen years, often digging through CDs across market stalls, from bashment to Reggae and honing his musical interests. ‘Lion’s Mane’ draws on well-being and energy felt in the natural spaces, reflecting in its anthemic rifts the sense of recharge and vitality. On the other hand, ‘Hardship’ delivers the emotional flipside, conjuring up the frustration and exhaustion of late-night studio sessions, full of driving repetitions and subdued lulls. ‘Hill And Gully’ is a beguiling love-letter to family origins, combining sonic memories Westmorland with the mountainous Clarendon, his mother’s hometown.

Coki meets Trixx Part 2‘ is a feat of musical storyboarding. Trixx’s mesmeric trumpet punctuates poignantly throughout the EP as the pair pay tribute to their deeply connective and personal memories of the Island.