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Author: Aidan Casey

Sepia – Interview by Dunman

Sepia has been on the forefront of 140 music, primarily dubstep for a hot while now. He’s had countless vinyl releases and has seen a wide range of his most notorious tracks on prestigious dubstep labels including DDD, Wheel & Deal, White Peach Records and Infernal Sounds. He’s also 1/5th of Chonk Mob, a dubstep collective residing in Bristol, which focus on the

Eddy seven

Eddy Seven (Uprise Audio) – Interview by Dunman

Eddy Seven has been a curator & producer for the Dubstep scene for many years churning out a crazy amount of releases, from labels such as Ram Records, Tempa Records, Wheel & Deal & Subway. Being a key figure from the beginning, he’s seen a massive amount of attention, from guest