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VALE has always prided itself on being ‘genre-indifferent’ – yet the uncompromising approach they take to their sonics is clear to hear throughout their catalog. Concentrated on style, technique and novelty, they’ve delivered several North American inspired project concepts, as well as exclusive physical products and artist-centric release packages. And following the release of their mammoth compilation album, which featured breakthrough names such as latesleeper who featured on Rene LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show, they continue to push boundaries with a brand-new release from Slovenian master FLO, but this time under a new drum & bass and halftime alias, emjulate.

emjulate delivers his four track PestilenceEP and it’s a transition through his explosive production standard. With every track unified by dark mech design and sci-fi inspired vocal samples, its impressive variability and finesse is a defined theme. Each track stands out on its own merit, showcasing the production chops of this multi-genre producer. From the lumbering static basslines of ‘Tinker’, through to throbbing drum sequences of tracks like ‘Petbot’ and meandering, subterranean grooves of title-track Pestilence, emjulate takes you through the motions with this package. Meanwhile, finishing the EP, the jump-up inspired techness of ‘Micro Waves’ closes the door and leaves a resounding impact. 

emjulate isn’t afraid to carve himself within the annals of VALE and the legacy their creating. Presenting cut throat sound design, as well as an aggressive stance for dancefloors, VALE and emjulate join forces to platform a high-quality release meant for clubs. 

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