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Award winning electronic music producer Markee Ledge has presided over several drum & bass sub genres, with a weighty catalogue and a talent which exemplifies this. His brand new series of EPs on Zonal Recordings continues this legacy, with the first chapter having been recently released and it stands as the beginning of this sequence. The theme follows the different seasons throughout the year and aptly named ‘Equinox‘, he takes his influences from the changes in his environment, funneling this through into the sounds which feature across his newest musical endeavor.

We caught up with Markee Ledge following the release of ‘Laws of Emotion‘ and he gave us a breakdown of the artists he’s been keeping an eye on this month. Check out the list below and be sure to stream his new offering for some leftfield goodness:

Enei & Jakes 

Enei has been smashing it up on the Critical label for some time now and this collaboration with Ruffneck Ting’s MC Jakes takes them to another level, this is a combo that is blowing up big! Jakes is also the main mover of Hench Recordings.


Nomine AKA Outrage , has been delivering the deepest 140 cuts as Nomine alongside his Outrage moniker. He is also the man behind Education and Bass, which helps the up and coming DnB community.


J:Kenzo burst through on the 140 scene with his imprint Artikal and his latest releases on 31 Records shows that his production skills are 2nd to none. Another artist that transcends both Drum and Bass and dubstep.

Alix Perez

Alix Perez has a long history within the Liquid DnB scene and also more recently in the 140 realm. As the head honcho of 1985, as well as his collaborations with Monty, he has been establishing himself as one of DnB’s big hitters.


D*Minds from Bristol have been re-emerging as a DnB force to be reckoned with alongside some solid releases under their belts. Now they have also released a collab with T>I,  a remix of DJ Zinc’s classic ‘Super Sharp Shooter‘. It’s big!