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Druid is a wave producer pushing his names through the ranks, alongside his co-run London based label, SYNES’. Over the last couple of years, Druid’s started to refine his more melodic, emotional, heavy synth aesthetic style upon discovering various new & exciting artists including Dark0, Loom, Iglew & Missingno. Coming off the back of his last EP with Plasma Abuse, Druid steps in with 3 creative tracks filled to the brim with atmospheric melodies and punchy low end basses


ESC_ (Escape) is a brand-new record label revealing exciting new sounds and artists amongst the underground community. The label differs itself from others by giving lesser known artists, sounds and sub-genre’s more recognition. Each ESC_ co-founders musical backgrounds stem from experimental Grime, Dubstep, 4×4, Wifey and R&G.