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Author: Arren

Duskee & SL8R – Evolving // News

Shogun Audio launches new release series; “Origins” with a blissful cut from Duskee and SL8R. Building on the successes of their “Point of Origin” compilations, heavyweights Shogun Audio have begun a new series of releases. Under the name “Origins” the series will release singles from

Battery & Philth // Interview

Hot off the heels of their smashing EP together, we caught up with Battery & Philth. They’re two well regarded names in drum & bass who collided in spectacular fashion recently with their “Majesty EP” on Dispatch Recordings. Combining their wealth of experience together, Battery

Dopplershift // Interview

We have a catch up with Dopplershift as he drops his latest EP on SINE Audio with Stokka. South Africa isn’t the first place that springs to mind when thinking of drum & bass, but that hasn’t stopped Dopplershift from turning heads across the world.