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Author: Goast

Jacob Folds – Ascension EP

   Ascension, the EP by Jacob Foulds for NVQ records, shares its title with the first track. The melodic track, successfully elevates you to another world. Staying true to its namesake. The track builds from the intro, into an emotional melody. With its intricate

Interview: Dubstep Don Arkwright

A part of the scene since its youth, Arkwright has worked for years to hone his sound and create the unique variance on 140 that we have all come to know and love. A particularly busy last few years have seen the artist release on

Jungle: the resurgence

2018 was the year that jungle made a serious comeback, and by the looks of things it’s here to stay. A phenomenon born from British sound system culture, Jungle music became the multi-ethnic subgenre of choice, pulling from influences across the globe. The choppy breakbeat,

Electronic Music from Beyond the Iron Curtain

“Every artist, everyone who considers himself an artist, has the right to create freely according to his ideal, independently of everything. However, we are Communists and we must not stand with folded hands and let chaos develop as it pleases. We must systemically guide this

Dunman Interviews – #Rame

I decided to shout Nottingham based MC & promoter Aidan Melnyk AKA Rame. With over 10 years experience in the grime scene, he’s also seen himself dipping in organising events with his brand ‘Reloaded’ along side Corey Tarpey AKA StormGG. Rame also likes to dive

Montblanko – Precursa [DRD FREE 001]

Dark Real Dark, the music collective spanning Berlin, New York, Bristol, Potsdam and Hamburg, have begun a free music series. Kicking off the genre-blending, boundary breaking series is Finnish producer, Montblanko, with ‘Precursa’. The track drops on the Dark Real Dark Bandcamp this Friday, July

An Introduction to Raygun

  “So Joe, who influenced you to get into Mcing?”   There’s a lot of Mc’s that I was into before I started. I listened to a lot of rap music growing up, so that was a big factor. I always wanted to be a