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Ascension, the EP by Jacob Foulds for NVQ records, shares its title with the first track. The melodic track, successfully elevates you to another world. Staying true to its namesake. The track builds from the intro, into an emotional melody. With its intricate percussion, Ascension builds and gives an introspective feel. The looping and lapping of this floaty track, is seriously impressive. Its euphoric nature stands out from the darker, grittier tracks on the EP. For me, Ascension is the highlight.


Bridge of Susanna, the second track on the EP, contrasts the first in every way. The half-time track is seriously loud, with sub-bass that gives off massive energy.  The razor-sharp percussion speeds up and slows down, giving the track an unsettling vibe from the get go. The use of ghost-like voices, only add to its threatening sound. Bridge of Susanna has a lot of personality and switches down to an ambient vibe. I can see all drum and bass ravers getting down with this one.


Scream, the third track on the EP and second half-time track, completely differs to Bridge of Susanna. Dark, dirty and dangerous, Scream boats a multitude of layers. The quirky twists, only add to the sinister overtones of the track. The track has a grimy feel to it, drums that punch through the mix and a drop that is wobbly and hard-hitting. If you like your half-time with a heavy, rattling bass – you’ll love Scream.


The Trip, the final track on the EP is a roller. The ‘bone rattling’ sounds in the intro, distorted harmonics and snappy beats, set the tone for the track. While the drums didn’t punch through as much as they did in Scream, The Trip has serious bursts of bass and a hard-hitting drop. Jacob Foulds’ abilities to build a track before the drop and during the breakdown, is undeniable. This track is simple and effective. The kind of late night roller you’d kick back with.


Jacob Fould has produced a well constructed EP, featuring melodic, half-time and drum and bass.  Ascension is a quality body of work.