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I decided to shout Nottingham based MC & promoter Aidan Melnyk AKA Rame. With over 10 years experience in the grime scene, he’s also seen himself dipping in organising events with his brand ‘Reloaded’ along side Corey Tarpey AKA StormGG. Rame also likes to dive into releasing bass music from up and coming producers through his label ‘East Mids Repper’ which has seen through over 30 mixes & 15 free downloads, which is no shortage of tunes to your ear drums.

He recently let everyone know he was stopping in his musical path from now, to pursue new dreams in life which is never an easy step for an established artist. He’ll still be carrying on with his events which is a good relief for followers in and around Nottingham. With that being said i decided to ask a few questions to the man himself.


So give us an insight to how you first got involved in the Grime/Bass scene?
Back in 2002 when I would of been eleven, I got a pirate radio cassette tape off my brother & it had Dizzee Rascal B2B Slimzee on it. I was a fan from the get go and at the time, my brother was a DJ (Cold Motion). His forte was Drum & Bass/Jungle but he also had Grime vinyls and not many people know this but I actually started out DJing myself. In the area I was living at back then, there was a lackluster of MCs so as a few years went by (2005), I picked up the mic and freestyled then I pretty much stopping DJing and started MCing instead.
Was it just a hobby or were you going in from the get go?

It was definitely a hobby for me at the beginning. If I’m being honest, I’d say I started taking music seriously in 2011 because that’s the year I released my first EP.


What’s changed for you/or your peers over the last 10 years?
I’ve been through the physical to digital era, tape packs to mixtapes, vinyl decks to CD decks and the list goes on. For me, seeing the progression of Grime go from the streets of England to an international level globally is something I’m hugely proud to see and be apart of.
Best memory from an event/radio?

My first reload on my Mode FM debut. I didn’t expect the reaction I got, the room (around 30 people) literally erupted.


Who were your favourite MCs/producers, then & now?
MCs – All In One, Crazy Titch, Devlin, Dizzee Rascal, Ghetts, Griminal, Jaykae, Jon E Clayface, Kano, Napper, Ryder, Vader and Wiley.

Producers – Alias, Bigshot, BMC, Chemist RNS, Defiant, Dubzta, Gallah, Hunt & Hypnotik, J-Sweet, Kronzy, Noble, Nocturnal, Sekko, TC4 and Trends.


Favourite grime duo (e.g Grandmixxer & Mez)?
Focus for the future? What’s your plans for Reloaded & EMR?

My focus for the future is Reloaded and East Mids Repper. Reloaded is our event night based in Nottingham and East Mids Repper is the label, combined it is a brand/movement. I’ve recently re-launched East Mids Repper with it being a platform for DJs, Producers and MCs involved in the Bassline, Grime, Bass, Drum & Bass, UKG and 140 scene for them to release their music.


Thanks for the chat! Always a pleasure to get an insight from a different perspective so big up for taking the time to answer these questions mate and we wish you all the best here at Goat Shed.
Check out Rame, Reloaded & East Mids Repper below: