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Sepia has been on the forefront of 140 music, primarily dubstep for a hot while now. He’s had countless vinyl releases and has seen a wide range of his most notorious tracks on prestigious dubstep labels including DDDWheel & DealWhite Peach Records and Infernal Sounds. He’s also 1/5th of Chonk Mob, a dubstep collective residing in Bristol, which focus on the deeper side of 140. Theo continues to bring a unique sound into his productions and alongside that he also has an alias with dear friend Arth to form ‘XOX’ which bring a sweeter side of him producing R&G and the chiller side of electronic music.  

With the pandemic going on at the moment, I sent over a few questions to Sepia to gain a bit more of an understanding how he got to where he is today, discussing some of his favourite labels and producers & some foody questions.  

What’s poppin Theo AKA Sepia? tell me a little bit about yourself?  

Easy bro. Haha I’m awful at being put on the spot. Er, I turned 30 this year. Idk haha. 

So how did you go about getting into the music business at first? We’re you producing music from the get-go.  

Nah, started off as a DJ first. Got set of turntables in 2006/2007, back when you could buy DMZ records for retail price from local joints in London like BM Soho and of course Big Apple. After a few months I got the hang of mixing and then instantly moved onto producing, grabbing a copy of FL Studio towards the end of 2007 and haven’t looked back since. Took quite a few years to teach myself the basics and to develop a sound I was happy with. 

And I’m right to say you’re currently residing in the big bad Bristol?  

Yes indeed. Moved up here like March 2015 and been here ever since. It’s home to me now. Love it here.  

 What do you think of the night life/music scene in Bristol? Is it healthy and if so, how did that help your growth as an artist?  

It’s mad healthy! Obviously not right now due to COVID-19, but yeah usually you literally have no choice but to bounce between a few events on the same night to have a chance at seeing all the artists and bands you’re into. Such diverse choice also, from spoken word, to drone and noise shows, to jam bands, metal bands, and of course a plethora of awesome club nights with top tier acts from all genres. 

 You’ve had releases under Sepia, but you’ve also released music on ESC_ (a label run by 2 pals & myself) under ‘XOX’. Tell me how that came about with Arth (Wölfe)? 

Me and Arth pretty much soul bonded the moment we met so was a natural progression to make music together. On the inside, we are both a bit soft, and we fucking love rng, wifey and grime, so when we started making tune together, it would just be a vibe, fusing Japanese anime culture with RnB and grime and that’s been our sound aesthetic ever since. We got more bits on the way real soon. 

 You also play a lot of shows in various countries. What’s the best spot you’ve played at (personal preference of course) & what’s your favourite festival (as an artist)? 

Yeah, it’s been a wild journey over the last few years man! Feel truly blessed to be able to fly around the world playing for people. It feels surreal that my music even reached that far! The Black Box in Denver is hands down my favourite club in the world. Shouts to my Sub.Mission gang, they do things properly. Trinity Centre in Bristol is easily the best venue in Bristol and one of my favourites in the UK. As an artist, favourite festival would be Outlook. You just can’t beat those vibes, sunshine, hours at sea on a boat rinsing dubs with all your mates and half the scene too. It’s a dream. Am due to play Shambhala in Canada this year and that looks INSANE so have a feeling that will be my future favourite.  

Sepia for Get Darker 253 in 2015

 Up & coming producers to keep an eye on? (Not necessarily dubstep)  

NotLö, Drty Hbtz, Wxsted Fxntxsy, Woven Thornz – these ladies are fucking killing it over in the states.  
Hella, Ziim, Flo, PholoVexxyRaheim – playing loads of their tracks atm.  

 Any aspirations/targets that you’re wanting to achieve over the next few years? 

Tbh I just wanna maintain a steady career man. That in itself is enough to keep me happy. But saying that, my future goals are to have opportunity to play in some countries I’ve yet to visit, start a label at some point and eventually play some actual live sets once get the equipment I need, and hire some musician friends of mine and figure out how to do it all. That’s all long-term shit though. 

Sepia @ Outlook 2017, Deep, Dark & Dangerous Boat Party

 What’s your favourite music label of the decade?  

Damn, of the decade? Ima have to do a top 5 cos it’s impossible to choose just one.  

1) Innamind 

2) System 

3) Infernal Sounds 

4) White Peach Records 

5) Deep, Dark & Dangerous 

 Favourite type of cuisine? Are you a food fanatic?  

Yeah bro, I worked in kitchens from 2006 to 2017. Started as KP, soon became chef. Too hard to choose just one, so again ima hit you with top 5.  

1) Jamaican (obviously, big up my family) 

2) Italian 

3) Asian 

4) Japanese 

5) I’m a real big fan of Czech also 

 Favourite TV series? UK & US  

The Wire, Breaking Bad, Adventure Time, Rick & Morty (USA), Peep Show, Peaky Blinders (UK) 

 Our question we like to ask every time, if you could deep fry one thing, what would it be? 

I’d wrap fried chicken in cheese and deep fry that bitch. Double deep fried hahah or a creme egg.

Mad love Sepia for taking the time out to answer these questions, big up yourself from me & Goat Shed! Check out Sepia’s latest release below and his socials. 

Sepia – Flutez (EP) – https://infernalsounds.bigcartel.com/product/ifs017-sepia-flutez-ep 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sepiamusicuk 

SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/sepiamusicuk 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/sepiamusicuk 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sepiamusicuk/