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Sub Tactics have just dropped their brand new, self-titled EP on their imprint Mutation Audio, which follows the success of their latest singles ‘Wasp’ and ‘Nexus 9’ off the same package. Alongside their signature deep and thoughtful drum & bass sounds, funk and soul also characterises each track featured. With a background of putting on DIY nights, and working with various collaborators from across the drum & bass spectrum, their new EP embodies their experience within the genre. And to celebrate its release, we’ve asked them to give us a selection of their favourite artists from this month.

Be sure to check their choices out below and grab a copy of their EP here.

AudioSketch has had releases on Hospital’s Medschool, Soul Trader, Focuz, Soul Deep and had his debut release on Mutation Audio with Escapism. He’s been working on lots of new material and we have a forthcoming release from him, “Blame” planned to come out within a few months.

Oversight’s music is very deep and musical, always taking the listener on a beautiful electronic musical journey. He had his first ever release with us on Mutation Audio with “Going in Circles”, in our opinion it was way ahead of its time and still sounds fresh. You can find his music on many labels now and he’s prolific in his output.

Notchs’ Debut release was “The Five Levels of Truth” on Mutation Audio, and he’s set to blow up in our opinion. We have collabs and future releases in the pipe-line. Stay tuned.

Hailing from Brighton, Ancesta is one in the latest additions to our sister label Wowve. Coming with what we love in techy rolling minimal dnb, the production is absolutely spot on.

From Switzerland, another addition to the sister label Wowve. This guys production is huge, making impecibly rolling techstep that smacks.