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Tengu’s ‘Heavyweight Material’ demonstrates why he’s a rising name within drum & bass. Alongside a high-quality production standard and an unforgiving take on dancefloor-orientated beats, he’s given himself full creative freedom through his brand-new single ‘Heavyweight Material’. Hailing from Brighton, he’s become a mainstay name across Europe, with credible releases on the likes of UKFViper RecordingsDeViceKorsakov and Crucast, paying homage to UK bass sounds. This continues with ‘Heavyweight Material’, which punches through alongside guttural bass chugs and articulated, sharp drum sequences as it takes you out into its darkly woven composition.  

Already boasting support from tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM‘Heavyweight Material’ follows the same patterns that have enabled him to graduate onto stages such as Korsakov’s. With much more on the horizon, the homegrown hero pushes forward with his meteoric ascent. Something demonstrated throughout ‘Heavyweight Material’ as it becomes a staple across DJs set lists this festival season. 

To celebrate its release, we asked Tengu to drop his top five selections for this month. Take a look at the list below, and be sure to grab a new copy of his single ‘Heavyweight Material’ which is out now.

Ben Rolo – Netrunner [Yana Music]

The first on my list of producers I am keeping an eye on is Ben Rolo. Originally from the liquid drum & Bass scene Ben has recently started pushing his sound and is moving towards the more dancefloor sound. Ben and I have done a couple of collaborations and an official remix together and he is a dream to work with. Not only is he a great producer, he is a very talented DJ and musician. I have been a fan since his liquid days but his production recently really resonates with me. Netrunner is an incredible example of how nostalgia can be used in the modern day of DNB and he has successfully showcased this.

AL/SO – Right From The Start (With Tengu) [Korsakov]

I have featured AL/SO on this list because I am in love with his music and DJ sets. For those who know me, a good chord progression and a surprising melody is the way to my heart. AL/SO’s music really captures this and you can really hear his music from the heart. I am impressed with how interesting he keeps his tracks, and I think I would be able to hear an AL/SO track for the first time in a rave and know it is his production. Both AL/SO and I have collaborated a few times and every time the tune gets better and better. Chris Eubank is our literal love child of a song, we had so much fun making that, literally laughing at the samples but screwing with the production.

EXO Avatar – Parasite [Yosh Bass]

A producer I have discovered in the last few months is Exo Avatar. His production really gets me, it’s very interesting. I’m more known for my melodic stuff but I do like to throw out a surprise of something dirty like Parasite. Exo’s production is very crisp, dark and moody, but it hits the right spots. I have heard some unreleased stuff from him and honestly, I feel Exo will be on the festival circuit next year and he will be the producer’s favorite producer.

OHKAY – Don’t Call [DeVice]

Another producer I am very excited about is OHKAY. Not only does she produce her own tracks but she sings on them too. Don’t Call is one of those tunes that will be stuck in your head the moment you hear it. This is something OHKAy is very good at as well, creating catchy Melodies and hooks for her music. She has worked with producers like Georgie Riot, Bom, Montiix and myself in the past and I always get very excited when she comes up on my release radar whether she is featuring or the track is all hers!

TANTRON – Quicksand [VISION]

I have been a massive fan of Tantron for a long time. His production is so ridiculously energetic and surprises me every single time I hear a new tune. I am sure everyone is familiar with his ‘Pump It’ bootleg that has recently come out and YES it is a banger haha! I also love keeping an eye on his socials because see that his career and production just keeps elevating. I am sure next year will be his year for festivals and the UK club circuit.