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The latest release from the Simply Deep camp comes from Usurp The Throne. Simply Deep is seeing through its 11th release with this EP, which features 5 tracks, including an original and 4 remixes from ETHER, Imanzi, Aranha and a Proper Junglist VIP from Usurp himself. Most of the tracks within the EP share similar elements in their intros, featuring some superb melodic, even euphoric, chords mixed in with a real feel good flute to get it rolling. Hard hitting 808s & kicks are mixed in throughout each individual track. Usurp gradually comes through with a clean squarewave bass spread throughout 16 bars, along with the 808 side chained, which gives the kicks authority throughout the track.
ETHER is a well established Dubstep producer from the US of A – Denver, Colorado. He has seen releases on the mighty Encrypted Audio and Well Rounded Records. He comes in with a 147bpm grime-esque remix, where kicks & choppy snare movements are a main factor within the tune. The sub bass on this one is roaring and it’s movements in the frequencies are so satisfying and weighty. From start to finish it kept me locked, with the second drop being very glitchy – but sticking to the main theme of the track.
Imanzi, a long term server for Simply Deep, steps in with a Footwork remix which gets the head bopping at the sheer quality of amen breaks dripped throughout. This track is like stepping into a Jungle/Breaks rave in the 90s, and we love it!
Aranha is a new-ish face to the Simply Deep crew with another release from the previous compilation ‘Vol 2’. Part of Hexagon Dubs, he’s mostly revolved around the 140bpm mark but this remix sees him step into the 160bpm club. Usurps VIP of Proper Tings blows me away though. From the double time focus on the main drop to the half-time snares, to the in yer face bass, it really gets a feel from some of the high end producers such as Ivy Lab, Shield, HØST etc.
Proper Tings EP is out 30th July. Grab the EP from Juno Download, with all other major outlets 2 weeks after including Bandcamp, Beatport & iTunes.
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