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Dark Real Dark, the music collective spanning Berlin, New York, Bristol, Potsdam and Hamburg, have begun a free music series. Kicking off the genre-blending, boundary breaking series is Finnish producer, Montblanko, with ‘Precursa’. The track drops on the Dark Real Dark Bandcamp this Friday, July 27th. With support from Plastician, Spooky and Desto on stations like Rinse, Mode and Basso FM, his neon, ice-cold melodies are gathering momentum.

In the forthcoming ‘Precursa’, vectorized mountains roll closer through a chilling neon grime riff, claps and lazer switches sparking off all the 80’s arcade circuitry. Everything seemingly points to an emotionally sharpened blade packed with powerful grimy stabs. Instead, an icy break chops through the drop. Energizing the hands and feet, methodically sporadic snares pop anywhere in 360 degrees. Sifting out are glacial pads and UFO arpeggios. It sits nicely in with the vibes of
Dream Eater Records and Murlo, but with a more serious edge.

This is another of Montblanko’s bangers generously given away for free download. ‘Cold Response’, ‘Kowloon’ and his remix of Deeven’s ‘Parametrix’ are all a click away on his Soundcloud. Dark Real Dark, as well as a deposit of unique productions, run a mix serieshighlighting the deep and dark textures of global drum and bass, grime, dubstep and more. With Montblanko kicking off their free downloads series, more fresh water’s bound to be running through the pipe.