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Maduk‘s second album is here. “Transformations” gives us a compilation of his last tracks, completed with the new title track. With the entire world opening up, this album comes at the perfect time.

A month ago, he was playing banger after banger at Rampage Free Festival. Today he’s doing the same, be it with his new album “Transformations”. On this album, we find older songs like “Go”, new anthems like “New Beginning” and one brand new track “Transformations”. ‘Are you ready now?’ Easing into the album, Maduk opens with “Ready Now” and “New Beginning”, two of his newer tracks. A perfect beginning, as these describe the way we’re all feeling. We can’t wait to shout the lyrics ‘Keep on dreaming / This is a new beginning’ at the top of our lungs. For this last track, he collaborated with Lexurus, who just released his own EP a little over two months ago.

Following up “Ready Now” and “New Beginning”, here comes one of our favourites. “Fire Away” is the perfect track to play at 5AM, as it both wakes us up and chills us out a lot. But isn’t that the definition of liquid drum and bass? “Poison” however, is a track that could have easily been written by Pendulum, with his lively vocals and hardhitting beats. With this, Maduk shows that he can shift between genres and literally transform, staying true to the title of his freshman album. “Transformations” shows that Maduk can take on any subgenre of drum and bass and make it into an awesome piece of music.

In the middle of the album, we find “Everytime”, “Colours” and “Still In Love”, taking us back to 2019, when we were still dancing and living our best lives. And because Maduk included these tracks on “Transformations”, this album takes on a whole other meaning. Not only does he show he’s capable to take on different genres, thus showing his transformation. It’s also us who undergo a transformation, listening to this album. This compilation takes us back as far as 2019 and you have to admit, does anyone of us still feel the same as back then?

The common thread through the album though, is nostalgia for us. Listening to this album, we’re reminiscing all of the previous Liquicity events we attended through the years. On the 13th of November, we’ll get a chance to dance to all of these tracks. Both Maduk and Lexurus are on the line-up of Liquicity London at Brixton Academy, so we’ll see you there?