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This weekend, the Belgian Liquicity family was reunited after three years.

We had been waiting for this since the 27th of September of 2019 and on the 6th and 7th of May, the wait was finally over. Spread over two days, Liquicity once again filled Trix Antwerp with drum and bass music, good vibes and love for the scene. We were there to experience the second day.

Family reunion in session

Hiraeth opened the night. A newer face in the scene, but quickly making his way to the top. This Ghent producer has only been around for a couple of years, but is already taking it to some higher levels. For this opening set, he served us liquid and vibey tracks, just how we like to start our night. Things were already looking good. Not only music wise the vibes were on point, it was great to see so many of the same faces again, too! Because that’s the thing with Liquicity, it’s a family. So it really felt like a family reunion, and after three years, it never felt better.

Next up behind the decks was SiLi, who changed it up, from liquid to deep. Another fresh face in the scene, he released his first EP on Liquicity on the 18th of March of this year. During this set, we discovered what he was all about, and we must say, we liked it! Next up was Edlan, who served us the entire spectrum that is drum and bass. Going from Hybrid Minds’ legendary remix of ‘Wings’ by Birdy, to ‘You and I’ by Bru-C and his very own ‘Dreamcatcher’, he knew how to keep us moving. Edlan: “After 3 years, it felt like coming home again playing at Liquicity Antwerp. And somehow it felt as if the lockdown never happened. I was able to play out everything I have made during the pandemic as well as some songs I haven’t heard for years live. I really hope Liquicity Antwerp will stay a yearly routine for me!”

Liquid – flowing freely like water

While the vibe and the night was building up to a high, Murdock took to the stage. He opened with his latest Liquicity release ‘Come Together’, about which he told us all about a few weeks ago. Other than that, his anthem ‘Can’t Keep Me Down’ got the whole crowd chanting along, just like the Used bootleg of Stromae’s ‘L’enfer’. After an hour of high energy, it was time for Maduk to spin some tracks. He gave us a showcase of all his work, new and old. Going from the classics ‘Ghost Assassin’ and ‘Miles Apart’, to newer anthems like ‘New Beginning’ and ‘Fire Away’, during this set the night reached his highlight.

During the last hours of the night, Lexurus, Polygon and Voicians rolled out their tracks. Back in 2018 they were all playing the second room, so it was nice to see them taking it to the mainstage now. Mixing everything from liquid and deep to heavy neurofunk, people who went home early definitely missed out on these three acts. Our personal highlight must have been when Lexurus played his remix of Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’, what a euphoric moment that was!

But after eight hours of quality drum and bass, the night had to come to an end. In July, we’ll be heading to Geestmerambacht for Liquicity Festival. See you there!?