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We bring you our favourite ones to watch’s ones to watch. (Trust us, it makes sense!). This time, En:vy tips his favourites.

With his “Binary EP” released on Critical Music, nominated ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards, and a 140 track with Hyroglyphics under his belt in 2021, En:vy showed us he can do it all. And as he’s playing Critical’s 20 year anniversary of Underground Sonics at Printworks London in just two months, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us. Today, he’s tipping his own ‘Ones To Watch’.

Offline – The vibes he puts into his tunes are really sick.

Relict – His upcoming stuff is next level. I love his drums.

Primitive Instinct – I love his chords and drums, his vibes are on point.

Koax – He’s making soundsystems rattle, love that deep minimal stuff he’s doing.

Spektiv – Love his tune “Chiaro” and his unreleased 140 tunes. We share a love for a good fry-up.

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