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For drum & bass fans, Tom Finster is a name which wouldn’t have gone unnoticed over recent months. Featuring on stages such as Let it Roll festival in Prague, His technical yet emphatic style of drum & bass has infiltrated a variety of labels, including names like DIVIDID, Neosignal and VALE, with the German producer also providing a remix for Camo & Krooked and Mefjus on Hospital Records. For 2022, however he now jumps on the self-releasing trend which sees his kick-off the New Year with brand new single ‘Lights’:

On the day of its release, we caught up with Tom Finster who’s given us the rundown of the top five artists he’ll be watching over the next twelve months. Check out the list below and grab a copy of his brand new track here.  

Latesleeper – Latesleeper is way too underrated. The Annix – Substance remix is an absolute smasher. 

Grey Code – He is about to drop a really dope album on Metalheadz. What more do you need to know?

UKato – There’s this dub called ‘Orange Pepsi’ from him that is one of my favourite tunes from the last few months. India is bringing forth some serious talent these days. 

Secula – He’s a young German fellow and also part of the DIVIDID gang. The upcoming stuff I have heard from him is super dope.

Barking Continues – Maybe I’m biased, because he’s my best friend, but he’s also one of the most talented people I know. If you’re more into emotional, lofi pop stuff, his music will stick with you.