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Nvrsoft was the first woman from the US to play the renowned London venue Fabric and her releases alongside Shimon’s Audioporn have put her name even further on the map, even within the infancy of her career. And for this year she’s made a comeback, following various singles and EPs on Audioporn, where she returns alongside Sofia for brand new single ‘Like It‘ which is out today.

Originally based in America but now having made the trek across to France, her exciting new venture, which comes in the footsteps of a Beatport Top 10 ranking, merges heavyweight basslines amongst Sofia’s foreboding yet airy vocals. You can check out ‘Like It‘ below, as well as Nvrsoft’s selections for our ‘Ones to Watch‘ series too, celebrating her new single’s release.

Hey Goat Shed,

I put out a blast on the internet for this piece and got so many sick responses. I want to thank everyone who showed me their work, told me about themselves, and for showing me what you’ve all been up to!

It’s such a wide and promising world in drum and bass. It was so hard for me to pick only 5 artists to watch; I could’ve given you a million!

1. Sofia

Sofia is an absolutely insane vocalist and producer; I love working with her so much, am so happy to be her friend, and am so thrilled to see her get more traction in the scene. I am thoroughly convinced she is our next great voice in drum and bass. Watch out for her, for real.

2. Aaron Payne

I’m literally astounded by this man’s tunes. Canadian Producer / DJ / Event promoter and the Independent label owner of 170+ Recordings, Aaron, has released on Program, Goldfat, Rebel Music, Onyx, Skankandbass, The Chikara Project, and In The Lab Recordings– which is how he found my music! He has plenty of new music in the works- forthcoming on Vandal (France) & Dispatch! Crazy! If I don’t see him in France soon I’ll be mad! Listening to Aaron’s work was like inhaling inspiration for me.

3. Aduken

Hailing from Jersey and based in the UK, Aduken is an amazing up and coming producer and DJ. He just recently became the A&R Director for Grand Theft Audio Recordings, which I’m over the moon about, and he’s a part of In the Lab Recordings; a community that is super dear to my heart. Both labels are chock full of amazing young artists, and deserve a huge shout– but G really keeps the teams together.

4. Corrupted Mind

Corrupted Mind is such a don; Reece is a fantastic person and makes seriously mean beats. I’ve loved working on tunes together, and have loved watching him blow up. Keep locked to this one.


My homie, R4NSOM, was born in my home state of Maryland (based in Boston now,) is my favorite Pokemon Go friend, and, turns out he makes disgustingly good beats too! His EP, “This Is R4NSOM” is seriously impressive- the whole EP knocks. Seriously deep old school sounds that I love. Can’t wait to work on music with him.