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Goat Shed have been taking a look at Hospital Records very own star pupil Whiney with the much anticipated Whiney – Bubblers Part 2. The release title is once again wholly fitting as Whiney delivers four outstanding tracks, that are sure to get you moving.


Like all good sequels, Whiney has delivered on his signature sound and this release certainly opens with a bang!

‘Deep End’ Featuring Pendulums storyteller Ben Verse. As the intro rises we are handed the familiar sounds of Ben Verse joined with some rolling drums, the listeners are given a very little clue to the murkiness about to unfold. The drop gives us the infamous Whiney wobble led by the simple yet hard-hitting drums. To us, this drop is reminiscent or maybe even a nod to the pre-2009 wobble jump up sound with a refined Whiney twist, this is a certified Goat Shed slammer.

Ben Verse The Sun

Caught Up’ launches us into some eerie atmospherics and high frequency synths setting a sci-fi tone to the track. Whiney went full H.G Wells with the War of the Worlds style bass stabs on the pre drop. We are launched into the drop with a sudden burst of skull shattering drums and 808 bass that could break windows. The track has a raw striped back feel in line with the 2020 trends of DnB. This track has a “imagine hearing this at Printworks” feel and will certainly be a track we want to hear flood out of bass bins soon!

Whiney – Roll Out (feat. Parly B)

Old Flame’ really does let us know we are listening to Whiney tune, his own style new jungle. A perfect marriage of chopped up Jungle breaks and whirring bass notes synonymous with the Coventry wonder kid. The atmospheric feel and light melodies float through the tune giving it a lighter touch only to be reminded by the spiralling wobbles and bass thuds. This tune will be just as at home on a summer boat party as it would be in any heavy rave set. For us this is track is what Whiney is all about!

Vinyl Artwork

Finally we Roll Out with ‘Roll Out’ punching out the release in style with the help of Doncaster Donny Parly B a true legend of Reggae and Jungle MCs. The reggae infused vocals work in harmony with the track as Whiney pulls heavily on reggae influences throughout with Reggae inspired guitar chords. Parly B’s vocals comes in from the start and stays with us throughout the track perfect for a summer set opener. Despite the reggae feel we are still adorned with the unforgettable Whiney wobbles, whirrs and bubbles further validating the reason for the name Bubblers series.

Parly B

We were certainly not surprised by the sterling quality of this release. We have all come to see Whiney as part of the future of the scene and this is further confirmed by Bubblers Part 2 and we can’t wait to see what bubbles he’ll be blowing for us for Part 3!