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Bad Medic Records is the brand new imprint launched by Virus Syndicate’s Nika D, an artist who recently broke out on his own. With a stacked repertoire as part of Virus Syndicate, including support from tastemaker names such as  BBC Radio 1, MTV, Ministry of Sound, Red Bull, Netflix and more, their consistency has filtered through into their discography. Although following a standalone EP on UK bass behemoth CRUCAST, Nika D now plays host to the arrival of Bad Medic Records, with foundations based within one of the UK’s most revered dance music and rap collaborations. 

From the US to the UK, as well as throughout Europe, Nika D as part of Virus Syndicate and as a solo artist has spread his influence to global club spaces through his worldwide tours (from the Hollywood Palladium to Glastonbury). That’s one reason why he’s been able to enlist some of the scene’s biggest names for this forthcoming single. ‘SPLAT!’ merges the heavyweight sounds of Dope D.O.D, Harry Shotta, Franky Nuts, OneDa alongside Virus Syndicate for an earth shattering meet of lyricism and production. Whilst Netherlands based Dope D.O.D, British MC Harry Shotta (also from SASASAS fame), fellow Mancunian OneDa and Virus Syndicate grab hold of the track’s vocal explosions, Franky Nuts provides the genre switch ups which jump into its drum & bass flavours. With accolades such as Circus Records and Disciple Records under his belt too, the experience Franky Nuts has as a producer infiltrates this cutthroat delivery, creating even more of a punch as it rolls between vocalist to vocalist. 

It’s an intimidating debut from such a game changing new label. One showing promise as it moves towards generating a back catalogue with a host of legendary figures from across the dance music and rap cultures, beginning with the unforgiving sonics of ‘SPLAT!’

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