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Label VALE is beginning to position itself as an essential provider of global drum & bass music and events – a highly deliberate mesh of U.S. artists and worldwide talents representing the cutting-edge standard of quality the label will bring to the states. VALE’s next decisive step forward in this pursuit is the meticulously crafted thirteen-track Global Extraction Vol. I VA.

First to come from the various artists album is single ‘Neck Deep’ by latesleeper, out on 27th September. With support already from the likes of UKF and Skank & Bass, as well as DJ support from Noisia, IMANU and The Caracal Project, the Bristol based producer has made a name for herself in an incredibly short period of time. This will continue with her forthcoming exclusive and it’s a stunning debut on the imprint. The US VALE is setting standards and the scene is patiently waiting for the continuation of its journey within drum & bass.


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