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Thelem is back and he’s bringing all the spook this Halloween.

Back in September, after a brief mental and social media reset, Thelem modestly tweeted the announcement of his Analogic EP. This is the first compilation of sounds the UK don has dropped since the grimey Informers EP in 2019. And through his short intermission, Thelem was able to create a daring, yet beautifully haunting body of music. 

Each track on Analogic is meticulously composed and exceptionally well thought out and catapults the listener into an entirely different dimension. A chilling dream, like you’re walking through a combat mission, fighting your inner demons. 

Lead by one bass hit that evolves into a build with so much tension, anxiously having you on your toes for what’s about to jump out next. Brilliantly executed as the drop, the high-frequency basses, spinning your head in different directions, making your next move, not an easy one. Then, all of a sudden he brings you out of the dream with an ambient break that’s almost too good to be true. Like you’ve finally made it to the other side. Then, with a mocking laugh, he pulls you right back in, making it impossible for you to get out. 

Causatum is the perfect follow up track, bringing us back to life from the hallows of Analogic. Not wasting any time, Thelem and Ohnell jumped right into this OG wonky stomper with an eerie whirling synth that rises into heavy striking bass hits, followed by a fan favourite screechy synth that’s carried by glitchy sounds throughout the track, sculpting a smooth cause and effect. 

The third track, Sweets, is really just that. Setting a tasty tone for the halfway mark. Coming in with an epic drum build, shooting into a heavy bass movement, bringing you those timeless festival crowd vibes that make you want to sway back and forth, combined with your best bass face and head nod. Man, I miss shows. 

Closing out Analogic with the ever so fitting finale, Akemie’s Dub. Which is my personal favourite off the EP and also the deepest. Thelem does an excellent job of fusing together everything we love about his music. Between the wonky bass, synth stabs, a left side switch up and a heavy sub guiding the tune, Thelem was able to transition each track seamlessly into the next presenting us a storybook of tracks that represent him to his fullest. 

Analogic is a fantastic piece of work and a must-listen for all bass lovers. My hat really goes off to Thelem. Through a very difficult time, he was able to create something so flawlessly bright but still giving us all the dark-cinematic vibes we crave.