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1 – Plants are your friends

If you don’t have a plant front and centre, are you even actually DJing?

Seen here: one planty boi

2 – Day drinking is allowed

Not just allowed, it’s actively encouraged.

3 – If you rate, donate

We all know you’ve got nothing better to spend your money on right now, so dig deep for a good cause.

4 – Prepare your nan

She’s had plenty of time to recover from the last one, so wheel her out ready for a swift slapping every time someone drops a heater.

5 – Get a sub

It’s drum and bass, not drum and whatever shitty noise your laptop speakers make. Sort it out.

6 – Think of your neighbours

For like, several seconds at least. Then feel free to spend the rest of the weekend making them listen to Katalyst through the wall.

What’s not to like?

7 – Pay your tick

Remember: drug dealers have bills too.

8 – Remember to eat

You need fuel to send it good and proper all weekend, so breakfast is essential. Note: strawberry daiquiris do not constitute adequate breakfast.

Daiquiris are epic though

9 – Don’t have your mates over

The clue is in the name. STAY AT HOME.

10 – Go in on the comments

Here are some of the best from last time. Do better, I dare you.

The last one of these was fucking epic and one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time, so big up everyone who made it what it was (special shouts to Adam, Chris and the rest of the Goat Shed & Onyx team for all their hard work too).

Finally, if you’re struggling a bit with isolation, if you’re bored or worried or anxious or angry or anything really, just remember that these are unprecedented times. No one has lived through anything like this before so you’re allowed not to feel 100%. You are not alone, no matter how lonely you feel, and things are going to get better. We’ll get there.

See you front left!