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Next To You’ is the brand new single from Mark Menzies, Nika D and Noppo forthcoming on Bad Medic Records, the imprint set up by Virus Syndicate founder Nika D, one of the most renowned faces in the crossover market of bass music and UK rap. And it sees a move away from the typically explosive anthems which Bad Medic Records offers. A lush rolling liquid drum & bass track, its soulful vocal overtures tell the story of love, loss and missing the good elements of relationships alongside grief; the record was written following the death of Nika D’s father. Noppo provides the musical backdrop meanwhile Nika D and fellow Manchester native Mark Menzies bring their talents to deliver a track which adds to the diversity in the Bad Medic Records back catalogue. 

With Nika D being a name which has toured extensively, from Europe to the US, they’ve remained a pivotal part of the wider music circuit which has enabled the success of Bad Medic Records, even within its infancy. Already boasting a weighty discography, including collaborations alongside Franky Nuts, Dope D.O.D and Harry Shotta, the label returns with brand new single ‘Next To You‘.

There’s an already stellar cast of artists on the newly founded moniker and Nika D is clearly using his influence to set incredibly solid foundations. Proving there’s more to come from the imprint and with a founding member of Virus Syndicate at the helm they’re continuing to make waves across the dance music world with their output. Watch this space.