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High Tea Music was the platform which Dutch drum & bass duo T & Sugah have used to build the foundations which have led to releasing on some of the genres biggest labels. Including names such as NCS, Liquicity, Viper and Hospital Records, it’s their imprint and events brand which has helped them pave a way for themselves as they’ve expanded their influence across dancefloors. For their next release, they return to NCS for a brand new EP which opens up for the forthcoming summer and festival season, which for the pair has previously included appearences at the likes of Tomorrowland, Let it Roll, Liquicity and tours across New Zealand and China.  

The categorisation of their energetic, dancefloor orientated drum & bass is exemplified through the debut EP single ‘Lost in the Middle’. Landing once again on the NCS powerhouse, ‘Lost in the Middle’ kickstarts amongst high-hitting sonic crescendos taken forward by Maria Necia’s longing vocals. Her talent injects the track with her emotive presence and it’s a record which will find itself amongst the string of dates T & Sugah have firing across the summer months, although fans have already seen the impact of ‘Lost in the Middle’ during their sets throughout the start of 2023

Alongside the UK based NCS, T & Sugah are pulling together yet more anthemic records which they’ll be bringing to stages across Europe. With another single due to follow in its footsteps and the forthcoming EP release date set to be announced, the producers are continuing their saga with NCS whilst delivering even more high quality sounds under its guise. 

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