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2022 was another formative year for SyRan, with the duo becoming an exciting insight into the new generation of producers continuing to push the RAM legacy following its 30th year. And after a phenomenal back to back show at London’s super club Printworks, ‘Twister’ is the record which kickstars 2023 for the Peterborough based duo.

The pair’s use of breaks has become a notable part of SyRan’s production, and ‘Twister’ makes no exception, with it being a sure-fire double drop alongside Pendulum’s Tarantula’ in Andy C’s most recent DJ sets. A tear out record which comes thick and fast with smashing Amens, grinding bass rhythms only bolsters its mix as it drives itself forward. SyRan waves the flag once again for the producers who are pulling together old school and new, whilst making a statement on one of the UK’s biggest dance music exports.