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The amen breaks which are a symbol of SyRan’s production have helped elevate the pair and pave the way for new acts currently being signed to RAM. With a history of three decades. It’s names like SyRan who are helping to keep the label’s history alive and they’re about to deliver a brand-new single following the fearsome sonics of their previous output ‘Rip Your Face Off/Beyond the Heavens’. And their return is marked with the same energy which has made them identifiable within such a significant roster.

The colossal bass tones of ‘Listen Carefully’ kick through on the record’s intro and it crashes into play among chest-pounding breaks. A track already premiered by label boss Andy C, SyRan remain on the forefront of RAM’s new wave through Listen Carefully’ and their biting production. A track fashioned to be an earth-shattering addition to festival sets this summer.