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Ibiza’s only drum and bass label announce their first album.

Think of Ibiza’s rave scene and we bet you immediately think of bikini clad women, cocktail in hand swaying to house music on a sun kissed beach. Well, Balearic Breaks are here to change all that, and are bringing you feels from The White Isle at 170bpm. The imprint specialise in smooth, jazzy liquid designed to fit with the laid back Ibizan ethos, and their mission is to showcase drum and bass to party goers who may not naturally gravitate to the genre.

Today we’re please to hear the label will be debuting their first full length LP in June and after hearing the first single we can’t wait to get our ears round it. Check out Skuff’s ‘In Your Soul’ which is out today, and don’t forget to show your support by using the buy button below.

Don’t Be a Sheep.

➤ Balearic Breaks

➤ Skuff