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Simula is beginning to uncover the music he’s been fostering over the last twelve months, all now packaged into an album which will be his debut LP and one which sees a new era awaken for the producer. Known through his crossover hits such as ‘You and I’ alongside Bru C, which has racked up over 100 million streams, as well as his work as a mental health ambassador and teacher through production company Sample Genie, he’s fully committed to the bass music scene – not just through his sounds. Although his forthcoming album sees a graduation in his career, one which brings with it a more refined process to his music making and a host of new tracks which he presents as part of his forthcoming album package. 

Following from his most recent single ‘Attack Mode’, which dropped in the latter half of 2022, Processis the next move towards the full album’s release. Showcasing the cold vocals of Makism, Processis a dark and thundering balland. The piercing lead synth is carried by the deep rolling sub bass and tribal drums, creating a monstrous roller. One which has already been doing damage, from the UK through to New Zealand

From jump up, to jungle and minimal Simula will explore every avenue drum & bass affords through his debut LP. An ode to the dark and twisted sonic dogma Simula has created as his journey has progressed, he’ll be bringing these tracks to life on a forthcoming New Zealand tour. More singles are slated as 2023 rolls out and with the album release date scheduled before festival season kickstarts, Simula will be taking his music once again worldwide as he progresses towards it being finally unveiled.