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Since his debut release in 2016 Simula has swiftly climbed the ranks to one of the most respected producers in the game today racking up releases on the scenes biggest labels such as Low Down Deep, Elevate Records and Playaz. While Simula is usually known for his devilishly dark, ruckus, rumbling production his debut release on Shogun Audio we glimpse the more gentile side to this versatile artist.  

Good Vibration begins with delicate, twinkling pianos and muffled, ticking precision, layered with a soft dreamy vocal courtesy of Australia’s Embr. Before the drop reveals a classic think break and beautifully understated, near omnipresent, oscillating sub. This lazy, hazy track is sure to be a summer staple, there’s no question this beguiling belter brings the heat.

Check Out the track below.