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Anonymous duo Shanks are continuing their assault on ProgRAM, having just released brand new single ‘The Moment / The Universe’ under the banner of RAM’s sister-label. Ten years in the game this year, ProgRAM are known for their influence on the global drum & bass underground with their relationship besides Shanks helping to gradually build the name of a duo who aren’t letting social algorithms talk for their music. After their debut the ‘Outer Limits’ EP which was followed by ‘Skull & Bones’, they once again punch through with their edgy sonics, and their latest foray proves no different.

After its release, we caught up with Shanks who gave us the rundown of the five artists whose records they’ve been spinning recently. Grab a copy of their new release here and check out their selections below.

The Caracal Project

We love their fresh take on the genre. The Caracal Project is consistently putting out really interesting music. This song is another great example of that. They manage to seamlessly mix two genres and make it work. Just really fun interesting song writing here. 

Camo & Krooked

I don’t know what actually still needs to be said about these guys… This tune is just another ridiculous effort from them. Their sound at this point is unmistakable and no one else sounds like them. This song does a little bit of everything, it’s powerful and melodic at the same time. Everything they put out is bonkers.


Kanine has consistently been another favorite for us. Everything he writes is pure energy and this song is no exception. 


This track is an absolute vibe. Annix have had some really strong vocal tunes this year and we’ve loved the sound they’ve been pushing.


It wouldn’t be a top five list for us right now without mentioning Mefjus. His production is very technical and everything he does is expertly crafted. Always looking forward to what he’s going to do next.