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‘Ashes’ has just dropped on High Tea Music’s and it’s the second single as part of their compilation album ‘Chamomile’. Provided by drum & bass artist Ruebik, ‘Ashes’ is another step in the career of a producer Ruebik who has slowly been gaining a name for himself since beginning his journey in 2020. After winning the NZ Music Month competition hosted by Toocut and George FM, he’s had an array of DJ support which has included Bou, Ben Snow, Terrence & Phillip, Millbrook, Just a Gent, Mt Eden, Blaine Stranger, Gray, Kelvin 373, and Crossy, with the South African native using his experience as a heavy metal drummer (winning Battle of the Bands in this capacity) to deliver his darker, dancefloor style of drum & bass. Seen through his most recent output on High Tea Music alongside the soaring vocals of Michèle Ducray.

To celebrate its release, we caught up with Ruebik who’s given us a breakdown of the artists he’s been watching lately. Check out his list below and be sure to grab a copy of the new single here which is out now.

Carrier – Turrican

is a gem yet to be discovered by most. His punchy production could persuade almost anyone to get up and start skanking out to his rhythmic basslines.

Primate – Slow

Also highly underappreciated and starting to pierce through the veil, Primate brings a new sound to jump up dnb. His tune “Slow” introduces a caracal arcade theme, but at the same time builds to a high energy, stabby drop that would quite literally make anyone ‘jump up’.

JAX x Venjent – I Wub You

Known on social media for his comedic sketches recording random sounds and turning them into absolute dancefloor belters, Venjent has some serious production skills. His tune “I Wub You” has minimalistic dancefloor elements, clean, boppy, with catchy rhymes to sweeten the deal.

Justin Hawkes – Better Than Gold

A more well-known artist, Justin’s production brings unique, melodic soundscapes to the table. His tune “Better than Gold” starts off as a country rock song with recorded instruments, then quickly turns into the biggest face melter of a bassline to unsuspecting listeners. A welcomed surprise for sure.

The Caracal Project – Journee de Merde

His production quality is unmatched bringing new meaning to “lo-fi” to the drum n bass scene. With so many intricacies in his sound design and poly rhythms in his melodies, every release is exciting and full of emotions. “Journee de Merde” being one of my favourites, it blends between dnb and lo-fi electronic rock.