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The slowly emerging powerhouse which is Bruised Records has a stacked release schedule which has already stretched out across the entirety of 2022. As the year closes to an end, it certainly isn’t slowing down which is something reflected in their brand new single forthcoming from lyrical MC Rhymestar and producer / DJ El Pablo. An imprint which has defined itself as part of the UK underground, they’ve been working tirelessly on a catalogue which has since helped to push it forward as a buy on sight platform. Something reflected in its releases, with the South East based label driving crowds in club spaces across the country. And following the release of their latest remix package, ‘Erase You’ from Big Lou alongside Froidy and Kendrick, which already racked up tens of thousands of plays, they’re here to return with Rhymestar and El Pablo’s Hell & Back’. 

Rhymestar stands as a formidable presence in his own right, a name which frequents stages globally alongside Matrix & Futurebound, as well as a host of other DJs who are placed within mainstay, headline slots. He brings the rough vocal overtures of ‘Hell & Back’ whilst the production mastery of El Pablo brings big, steppy bass riffs and pounding drum rhythms. Rhymestar’s lyricism growls through the composition as the weighty bassline of Bruised Records most recent single maintains its punching flow. 

One of the most pivotal cuts to drop on Bruised Records, they continue to make waves as they take over the UK and even further afield. They’ve worked tirelessly on the arsenal of their weaponry and little by little have shown that they’re able to hold their might against the big guns. ‘Hell & Back’ demonstrates this and it’s a signifier for what else is to come from an imprint which has seen one of its biggest years to date.