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This three-track offering on Program is showcasing their ability to find the best newcomer talent around and boy does this deliver. It has been a solid year for Rams sister imprint Program and it only seems to be getting better and better, with breakthrough talent Encarta joining the label’s ever-growing classy back catalogue.

“Burna” kicks off the EP with an absolute heater of a track (hence the name). A big cyberpunk style vocal leads the drop into an onslaught of gritty dark elements, consisting of big bass hits all layered over a kick-lead rolling beat to really bring the vibe alive, keeping the track open to really appreciate the sound design.

The second offering to this trio of tracks is entitled “London”. A solid roller encapsulating the sound of drum & bass that is so popular now. Laden with flowing hi-end filters on the hats to add that extra shine and jungle breaks cut and chopped throughout, this track will be a solid addition to any DJ set or playlist alike.

Rounding off this EP, we have a track named after many people’s favourite pastime “Vino”. As the drums cut off and a scintillating vocal comes in, it lures people into a false state of mind, then drops into a nice bouncy jump up influenced roller perfect to get the head nodding and elbows out.

Look out for more from Encarta in the future as, if this EP has anything to show for future Drum & Bass, we will have a top artist as a go-to for many years ahead.