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Profit is a name which is revered across Eastern Europe, with his unforgiving DJ sets, role as a promoter in Moscow and heavyset drum & bass tracks being staples of his music legacy, from Russia to further beyond. Having played at the likes The World of Drum & Bass, Dubstep Planet, Ultra Music Festival and many more seminal events, he’s done untold damage to their audiences with his selections. For his next venture, he joins none other than imprint and show brand Korsakov, based out of Holland and renowned for their part within the annals of heavy bass music. The latest addition to their catalogue ‘Missing U’ provided for by Profit is certainly no different and it’ll see him extend his influence.

With jump up and dancefloor flavours, ‘Missing U’ doesn’t hold back and sits pride of place within the notoriously rowdy discography of Korsakov. Pulling no punches whilst its catchy melody streams through its composition, ‘Missing U’ lets the music do the talking as it shows why Profit is such a sought after name on line ups. With Profit being previously supported by some of the scene’s biggest names, his forthcoming single ‘Missing U’ is sure to garner the same backing.

To celebrate its release, Profit gave us a rundown of the top five producers he’s been feeling recently and the tracks he’s been spinning in his sets. Check out his selections below and be sure to grab a copy of his new single.


Bou is one of the best and most interesting producers in recent years. A hitmaker. His unconventional ideas and musical moves immediately set him apart from all other artists in a similar sound. His collaboration with Chase & Status makes it clear and confirms his uniqueness! “Pub Grub”, “Veteran”, “All U Gotta Do”, “Envy”, “Don’t Need You” are still in my sets!


Hedex is a guy who has a great feel for the audience and gives them fire! He sets the trend for dancefloor sound! Impeccably selects tracks for double and triple drops. His track “MHITR” is his calling card and has become the best banger recently! However, Jack is a versatile producer, and his fresh track “Missing You” is proof of that.

Teddy Killerz

TK is a trio that has conquered the world and is one of the leaders in Neuro sound. These guys release tracks faster than a chicken lays eggs. Until now, none of my sets can do without “Night Train,” “Rumble” (TK Remix), “Riders in the Sky,” “My Daily Meal” (TK Remix), “Jump Around” (TK Remix). These guys are always in my top!


Turno – I have been watching Franco for a long time, his performance as an artist, the way he selects tracks, creates double and triple drops, and of course, the tracks themselves that make everyone nod their heads and move their bodies. “Killer” and “Rave Out” are always in my playlist for the rave.


Serum – Mark is an incredibly cool producer with his unique sound! His signature wobble sound instantly sticks in your head, creating a certain vibe that is unique to him. Mark is a trendsetter, a fashion icon in UK Drum&Bass, and now around the world too! “Chop House,” “Speedball,” “Ride The DX,” “Wave Riders,” “Take My Breath Away” deserve all the praise and are always in my sets.