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Following a long running relationship with its sister-label ProgRAM, where he continually delivered his uncompromising music on the imprint, drum & bass producer Prestige now graduates onto RAM Records for the release of his ‘Strange Creatures’ EP.

Based out of Russia, a place which deeply fosters the drum & bass genre within its underground dance circles, he’s used his knowledge of its sonics to provide this forthcoming EP. A selection of four new offerings. The chest rattling bass levels of ‘Survivor’ kicks through first, as ‘Bodyguard’ with its sudden breakdown catches you unaware. Pulling the EP together, ‘Special Diet’ with its horror-esque sampling and ‘Voices & Creatures’ with its stirring flurry of notes packing a punch as the EP wraps up. It’s another step forward for Prestige, steadily building his platform with RAM Records whilst leaving a trail of fresh and quality sounds in his wake.

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