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Young producer Poulish Kid is arriving with his debut album ‘In The Shadow of a Giant‘ in 2023, one spearheaded by his latest single ‘Fairytale‘ which gives his listeners an idea of what’s to come. Releasing on Audiolith, it shows how the Germany based producer, who hides behind a mask of anonymity, has spent years refining his craft to produce a calibre of high-quality music. Stepping across multiple dance music genres, whilst being picked up by tastemakers from across Europe, his current career history has also seen him play to crowds of tens of thousands at the likes of Sonne Mond Sterne and Canaletto Festival. Meanwhile his catalogue includes collaborations with the likes of NVDES, Just A Gent, Kevin Hissink, BLVCK CROWZ and ESKEI83.

Fairytale‘ is a stunning first feat from Poulish Kid as part of the LP’s rollout. With more singles in the works, it has whet fans appetites for what’s to come, with the multi-instrumentalist already delivering a dizzying standard.

To celebrate its release, Poulish Kid gave us a rundown of the artists he’s been using to influence his sounds this month, and the artists he’s been keeping in his playlists. Check out his choices below and be sure to grab a copy of his new single. The forthcoming album ‘In The Shadow of a Giant‘ drops this Autumn.

Limon Limon

Limon is a singer songwriter duo from LA. I met these guys over the internet and since year one we have collaborated on several tracks. One of our collababorations is coming out on June 23.


Josh aka NVDES is one of the most creative and outside the box thinking producers on this planet. It’s always much fun to work with him on new music. We met each other in Berlin in 2018 as he supported Oliver Tree. I randomly met him after the show.


Last year in June ESKEI83 asked me to collaborate on a track with him. I was very excited and so happy that we finally released ‘Lift Off‘. Definitely check out our live performance videos on YouTube in front of 8,000 people in a huge festival tent.


is an underrated artist who popped up in a Spotify playlist. I fell in love with his incredibly vibey music.


Yacobucci is a newcomer rapper from Ohio and LA. He is so talented and hard working and it’s clear that he’ll reach great success soon. I also produce tracks for him.