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Emma Rochford takes a listen to the New Polar & Bryson release.

Pola & Bryson have been teasing us with the promise of a new album for some time. But with the release of this liquid soother, it finally looks like we won’t have to wait that much longer.

“Under” sees the duo team up with songstress Lauren Archer for a second time – the first being on 2018’s fan favourite “Night Dawns”. And it’s not hard to see why Archer’s the perfect fit for the boys’ brand of evocative DnB. Her weightless vocals soar gracefully over the enchanting strings and cinematic atmospherics Pola & Bryson have mastered so well.  

The drums, of course, are perfectly crisp. This pair have long since proven they’re masters of production. After all, few artists would have the skills (or balls) to turn their tune into a heartbreakingly tender acoustic track. But that’s exactly what they did with “Night Dawns.” And it’s easy to imagine them giving this new one the same treatment.  

“Under” is the perfect tonic to the stressful times we find ourselves in. As Archer croons ‘suddenly I’m floating’, you can easily give in to the airy ambience and be transported away from everything for 4.5 minutes. Or should that be under everything? The twinkling keys do their best to evoke a sense of tranquil flowing water. A sound that’s designed to wash over you as you listen. We’re talking proper close your eyes and feel it number.  

“Under” is a lovely little track that won’t set dancefloors alight, but will give you a moment of peace in turbulent times. Which is no bad thing we say! Bring on the album.

“Under” is out Friday 5th March 2021 on Shogun Audio  

Buy/Stream it here.