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The term ‘highly-anticipated’ gets adopted, more often than not, in reference to forthcoming songs we are really excited to hear. However, this EP containing three versions of the track ‘Everything’ by Platinum Breaks featuring Eden goes above and beyond this excitement — as it has been teased around the drum and bass circuit for a couple of years now. Rewind to a time before Covid-restrictions where raves were thriving, the Bladerunner ‘vocal remix’ had been sought after by many. At long last we have reached its release day where we are treated to the original version, as well as the two Bladerunner remixes. This includes his, popular, ‘vocal mix’ and, grittier, ‘dirty mix’. The build up around this EP release by DNB ALLSTARS has been huge and, we will certainly go as far as saying, these series of renditions will be played at your local rave for a very long time into the future.    

We start with the original, its initial jungle breakbeat draws its listeners in an instant. Eden’s beautiful vocals are fused into a harmonious echo before we are hit with a captivating vocal display on the drop, partnered with a well blended drum pattern that provides a genuine old school flavour. With such a tantalising intro, we are greeted with a truly celestial sound throughout — you’d be forgiven in being completely swept away with this Platinum Breaks production, who have created a potential timeless classic.    

Now, for the track most of us have been waiting on for a long time. A lot of ravers will remember the first time they heard this addictive tune played during a set. For a while it seemed as though we may never have the pleasure of listening to this song in full. The Bladerunner ‘vocal mix’ will without doubt be one of the songs of the year and we can’t even imagine the effect it will have on people during a festival set. The hairs stand on the back of necks the minute Eden’s vocals utter the words “Your love” at the beginning of this epic track. Once she delivers the lyrics that follow, “I’ll do any and everything” — combined with the weighty sound of the piano —  it has the capability to captivate the whole crowd. A similar jungle beat follows suit to that of the original, with an extra vigour added by the dynamic Bladerunner. There is a dramatic intensity to this remix that, at times, is indescribable. What we do know is that it takes us on a journey of love and despair, which certainly pulls on the emotional heartstrings. 

Finally, we have the Bladerunner ‘dirty mix’ which aims to move away from the sentimental and give the Platinum Breaks piece a more tenacious notion. Preserving the essence of Eden’s vocal masterpiece, Bladerunner has woven a powerful bassline to compliment this jungle production. With a harsh echo intertwined into a distorted synth patch, we are really treated to a disintegrating sound that gives this track a spicier seasoning in comparison to the other two versions. It goes without saying, the idea of a weighty and powerful sound system playing this remix is one that should excite every drum and bass fan out there. 

DNB ALLSTARS have, without doubt, hit the jackpot with this ‘Everything’ EP. The excitement around this release has been seriously uplifting as we come towards the end of lockdown. We speak for a lot of people when we say that the moment these songs are able to greet our nightlife again it’ll unquestionably create a magical warmth which will be infectious wherever the rave may be.