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Bristol based Phaction is a name known to many by now since cutting his teeth in the scene with his debut Stratos EP on Fokuz. He’s since graced the catalogues of labels such as Shogun Audio, CIA, Intrigue and the golden standard of Drum & Bass, Metalheadz. 

His style sits on the fence perfectly between melodic liquid and moody atmospherics, with one common dominator…exquisitely crafted drums. The Chemistry EP on Spearhead is no exception.

The title track Chemistry, which features the always brilliant Bristolian vocalist Charlie Brix is an incredible way to begin the EP. The track is moulded together with a rolling drum pattern coupled with moody bass synths throughout. The vocals add a calming note to this track, transporting the listener to a sundown set at a Croatian beach festival. 

Phaction is no stranger to collaboration with renowned vocalists. This rings true with the second track ‘Fall’ featuring Riya, a long-time collaborator of Phaction. The quick moving clicks of the drums paired with 80s inspired synths is an equation to the perfect high energy liquid tune. Riya once again puts her stamp on it. This will no doubt be heard on dancefloors and grass fields across the globe once we get back to normality!

Track three ‘Cherished One’ is a meditative track of warm chords. It sets a real emotive tone with the clever understated use of the vocal sample. The track is piano led, delivering an essence of tranquillity to this beautiful liquid tune. This is a piece of music that really captures the spirit of Spearhead, a real ‘close out the world and listen’ sort of track. 

Now it wouldn’t be a Phaction release without a real stomper for the dancefloor. ‘Obsession’ delivers this and more. Once again fellow Bristolian Riya makes an appearance, but this time she is joined by Hospital Records very own Hugh Hardie. The track delivers a summery upbeat tempo with high energy bass stabs, it really got my head bopping this one! This is a track DJs will not be ignoring. 

The final stop on the journey through this EP is the remix of Technimatic – Mirror Image. I’ve always loved the use of an old amen break in a liquid track. Phaction really raises the temperature with this remix, bringing in some extra punch on the drums and a hard hitting distorted bass synth. This track harps back to the original in terms of structure like it’s the original’s aggy younger brother. 

It’s clear to see Phaction has smashed it out of the sonic park once again! Delivering this mood inspiring soulful EP in classic Spearhead fashion.

You can buy it here and follow Phaction on Facebook and Soundcloud.