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We’ve seen a number of newcomer labels in the past few years, however none have quite made the impact Overview Music has since its inception in 2018. Overview has kept to its winning formula of dark, techy and impeccably well-made music from the best of the newcomer circuit and have quickly seen commercial success, taking the number 1 spot on Beatport for the dancefloor crippling tune Around Me from Klinical along with Sustance’s epic Temperance among others 

But we’re here to talk about its first remix compilation. Harking back to Overview’s first ever release, this remix EP brings together Overview veterans Ill Truth and Rizzle, with label tenderfeet Koherent, Cesco, and remix comp winner Bidl coming together for this fresh look at Overview Part 1. 

Ill Truth showing us their DJ pout

We kick things off with a dark yet therapeutic Ill Truth remix of Lockjaw & Missin – Save Me. The track feels like a beefed-up version, putting more weight into the snare and progressing with some tech heavy bass stabs, bringing a potent dark energy. 

Koherent is a name I hear more and more with releases out on labels such as Flexout and Shogun Audio and so it’s no surprise we see them on remix duties for label regular Wingz. The original track ‘Strained’ is a perfect coupling between stepping drums and wobbly sub bass pads but Koherent have turned up the tech with this one. They give the percussion a more rolling vibe with some tempo upping clicks creating a much faster pass to the tune. This is my favourite track on the release as it really defines the meaning of a techy slinger, looking forward to hearing this in a hot dark room (if we’re ever allowed back). 

Koherent, and their equally impressive DJ pout

When I hear Overview I think Ewol – Blue Circle. It was the first track I ever heard from the camp, and it sounds like the bastard love child of Skeptical – Imperial and Alix Perez – The Raven. Rizzle really switched things up for this remix though! The drop is upgraded up with an extended distorted bass note and added moody atmospherics elevates this tune into a dark dancefloor beast, while retaining a melodic feel. This tune straddles the line of hot and cold perfectly, as a switch up on the original this really hit all the spots. 

Rizzle, looking out for that perfect snare

We see out the EP with 2 remixes of Fin Absolute by Gran Calavera, both products of the Overview remix comp. The original set the tone as a classic dark roller, which make it a great template for a remix so it’s no surprise Overview used it for the aforementioned comp. We see 2 different takes on this track, one from 1985 music veteran Cesco and a 140 cut from Bidl and, wow, where to start…

When I see the name Cesco the minimal criminal inside me takes over. I was expecting nothing less than ultimate darkness and boy, is that what I got. The snappy snare and wuuring bass hold this roller together anchoring it to the original, making this an ideal remix. 

1985 Music’s Cesco

If 2 genres of bass music were to go hand in hand it would be dark DnB and deep 140. There is no happier marriage of these genres than with this Bidl remix of ‘Fin Absolute’. In terms of originality this track hits every criteria with the use of the original bass stems and synths have turned this dark track into its own original. Bidl hits the mood just right giving this track a huge amount of driving energy and every phrase lends a fresh twist on the drop, frankly genius.

New blood Bidl

Overall, this was a smashing EP with some alternative takes on the original tracks. This EP makes me want to buy bigger and better speakers! I will now wait patiently for Overview Part 2 remixes. (So maybe hurry up with that Peter yeah? – Editors note)

You can buy the EP here, and follow Overview on Soundcloud here.