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The last time Nuvertal appeared under the RAM umbrella was part of its 2021 annual; however, he starts 2022 on its sister-label ProgRAM, with a fresh double-sided single which sees him step into the most progressive part of his career yet. The flipside to the single’s track ‘Shiva’, we have the exclusive premiere of ‘Anastasia’ which you can check out below (out tomorrow!). With its 32-bar switch and deeper offerings, in his own words Russian drum & bass producer Nuvertal tells us about the inspiration behind the track:

‘I had been making this tune for a few months with my ex-girlfriend. It was just an off the cuff track, not a special idea. And she had been sitting next to me and watched how I was working while processing the tune – that’s why I called the track her name.’

Take a listen below, and make sure you grab a copy of the release when it drops this Friday!