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Following his release on Backlash Records, which saw him deliver a two tracker for Nomine’s imprint alongside MC GQ for ‘Mic Drop / Apocalypse’, Nurve gave Goat Shed the top five artists he’s been feeling recently. Already well established through dubstep and grime, he’s shown his experience through jungle and drum & bass too, which is why he has a penchat for picking out the best newcomer talent.

You can check out his selections below and grab a copy of ‘Mic Drop / Apocalypse’ here.

Lens – Lens is a fantastic DJ with a bright future ahead of her. I think we will be seeing some music productions from her in the near future too. 

MYL – I have been mentoring this young man for quite some time as part of a fantastic initiative. Keep an eye on this one!

Euphonique – Euphonique has been doing her thing for a very long time but as of late, I have seen a shift in momentum for her and things are only going to get bigger and better.

Mandidextrous – They have just signed to the legendary Ram Records which means that things are going to go up a notch. I’m intrigued to see what music surfaces.

False Relation – Our very own Education & Bass instructor and Drum & Bass producer, Franki has got a wealth of music prowess in her locker and the world is soon enough going to know about it if they don’t already.