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Meg Davies reviews the latest release from Nomine Sound

Bought to us by some of the most experienced and established names in the scene, this EP boasts a level of bolshiness that seems fit for the frustration that everyone must be feeling after a year of not ‘having it out’ in front of a rig. The title track almost lures us into a false sense of security as veterans Nomine and Digital tease us with faint amen breaks amongst industrialised whirs fashioned at 140bpm. Their distinctive sound, a clear drum and bass derivative, can be appreciated over years and across genres which is something this track, ‘Run From It’ clearly vents. With this in mind, it is perhaps surprising that there is also a sense of modesty about it but this allows space for 9er, co-founder of old-school grime collective Macabre Unit, to drive the track with an unnerving narrative about needless means of control. His lyrics are sincere and somewhat dystopian, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. 

To say Boylan and Slimzee kick things off with the first rework would be an understatement. I suppose when Boylan, who already has a reputation for outrageous edits, collaborates with the Godfather of grime, should we really expect anything less? 9ers bars are minimal in this one, but effectively placed, whilst the wobs do all the talking and the drop propels you into what feels like the belly of a mechanical monster. Nurve, label owner of Macabre Unit Digital (MUD), then takes it upon himself to keep those cogs cranked, powering all bass-faces with a dubstep-inspired stomper laced with a filthy neurofunk twist. 9ers vocals return in full force as the Macabre Unit duo leave a taste of nostalgia in our mouths and Nurve takes us back to his Demon days. It is then down to Digital and DK who aptly switch up the mood with a melodic garage-y number almost as if to soothe everyone’s socks back on for the next few months of lockdown, until we can get the whole EP through a soundsystem. 

If you haven’t already, check out the full animated music video for Run From It here.

Props to Derek Holder ( at Kaom Productions) and Alex Tsuper (on the storyboard)