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The forthcoming Neonlight album ‘Vanity Fair’ is nearly upon us. Due to be released on Blackout Music, an imprint renowned for its commitment to the genre’s darker trenches, the German duo have become familiar faces on the label throughout the evolution of its roster. They will remain on the forefront too, with their brand new album set to drop this Spring, including an intimidating number of fresh selections from the producers. Having detonated singles ‘Hero of My Youth’ and ‘Kinski / Triumph’, they kick start their journey into 2022 with ‘DESIRE’ ft. flowanastasia, one step closer to the release of their album. 

With deliveries already on the likes of Lifted Music, Viper, Bad Taste, C4C and Eatbrain, their forthcoming album on Blackout is a significant step forward for the pair following the release of their ‘My Galactic Tale’ LP in 2016. Their background in classical music, progressive rock, big beat, house and future garage, shows through their neurofunk flavors – especially with ‘DESIRE’ ft. flowanastasia, the next part in their album’s journey. 

DESIRE’ builds with growling LFOs leading into the vocals of flowanastasia, which adds an emotive undertone to the duo’s cut throat sonics. Their tell-tale, high quality sound design oozes through each of the track’s layers, as well as the dancefloor-led dynamics which enable their DJ sets to cause such widespread devastation. ‘DESIRE’ ft. flowanastasia is another explosive offering from Neonlight and it proves once again that they’re a vital part of the drum & bass ecosystem. Another reason why their ‘Vanity Fair’ album is so eagerly anticipated.