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We Bring you our favourite ones to watch’s ones to watch. (Trust us, it make sense!). This time, MYKOOL tips his favourites.

MYKOOL: why the hype?

Despite him making music since 2013, we first heard of MYKOOL on the YANA2021 compilation of Toronto Is Broken’s music label YANA Music. With not one, but two features, both exploring dancefloor drum and bass, we were curious to hear what more he could do. On the first of April, he shared the line-up with none other than Document One and labelfriends Aktive and Corrupted Mind for a warehouse rave in London, where he blew our (and the entire audience’s) minds. Time to hear who HE has been watching!

Ruth Royall

“If you follow drum & bass then you’ve most definitely heard of her. She’s killing it right now, I think she’s got to be one of the best female vocalists in the scene – coming from someone who does their own vocals and notices my own pitchiness and imperfections when I sing live, she has absolutely no imperfections with hers, she is amazing. She’s collaborated with many of my favourite artists, but I’ve got to show off her new tune “New Ride” which is summer encapsulated.”


“This duo are not to be slept on, ever since I heard their club destroyer “Every Nite” I’ve used in all my sets, the energy these two can bring to a drum track is insane. Since then, they’ve released their EP on YANA Music with another great dancefloor tune “Don’t Let Me Go”.  We’ve been working closely too, so expect something big from us soon!”


“I got to know Pirapus from following Inscape Artists and their roster. Their collaboration with 33 Below resulted in a fresh banger “Slipping Away” that sets itself apart from other dancefloor music coming out at the moment. The pop-like vocals work amazingly in conjunction with the electronic instrumental, can’t get enough of it, especially those cool glitchy sounding fills on the drop.”

Rebel Scum

“Not going to lie, I only found out about Rebel Scum about 3 weeks ago on Instagram. He put out a promo video for his soon-to-release bootleg pack. When I tell you I was hyped, that’s an understatement. Bootlegs are always great when it’s a track you know, and when it’s right? He smashed it out of the park, I couldn’t wait to play his bootleg of “Bonfire” by Knife Party out when I heard it. You can’t listen to this without visibly reacting. Even Knife Party themselves played this at EDC Las Vegas which is a huge achievement in itself!”


“I first heard of Telomic on Liquicity and I’m always impressed with the vibe that he can bring to drum & bass. My favourite tune from him has got to be his track “Alone” featuring Notelle. His buttery smooth production laced with her soft angelic vocals makes this tune one of my favourite liquid drum & bass tunes I’ve heard to date.”