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My Nu Leng x S.P.Y A set of words (or letters if you want to be pedantic) I would have thought were only possible to see together in my bass addled imagination. Like when you ask someone to name three headliners for a hypothetical festival and they reply with The Spice Girls, Bonnie Tyler and Noisia. An improbable yet iconic combination.   

But this tune isn’t something I’ve concocted in my head. It’s real. It exists. And it’s a face melter.  

I guess this collab shouldn’t be too surprising given that My Nu Leng are no strangers to corrupting DnB legends with their special brand of UK bass. 2015’s Set It not only cemented My Nu Leng as titans of the scene, it also gave Friction his first proper outing as his bassline alter ego FineArt. A collaboration which would eventually lead to the trio launching Maraki Records which is, not surprisingly, what Feel It is released on.  And now it seems that S.P.Y couldn’t resist getting in on the dark bass act too.  

The track teases us in with punchy tech house drums, atmospheric pads and rising vocals before exploding into a barrage of thundering bass, 90’s rave synths and dizzying sonics. I challenge you not to make a face like you’ve just smelt the shite coming out of Gavin Williamson’s mouth when the drop kicks in.  

This is a track which is both nostalgic yet forward thinking. There’s touches of old skool electronica that wouldn’t be out of place at a 90’s warehouse rave but the weight and menacing intensity of the drop is built for the dark and sweaty clubs of today. God, I miss clubs.  

This is not for fans of juvenile, donky bassline. This tune is dirty, dark and powerful. The vibrating bassline is enough to make your insides rattle and I can’t tell you how much I wish I could hear this on the dancefloor to really put my organs through their paces.  

The chaotic layers make your head spin but they’re meticulously fine-tuned to still give you space to enjoy the ride. Just like how the rise and falls provide a few moments to catch your breath between the stomping drops.  

The production is of course quality. How could it not be with S.P.Y at the helm? This is a man who seems to be able to make bangers in his sleep and can (quite literally) bring me tears with tunes like Stardust. So it’s good to know that even though his heart clearly beats at 174, he can still produce a masterpiece in another genre.

Fans of old school My Nu Leng will rejoice to hear that listening to this tune very much reminded me of the when I used to rinse their 2016 Minirig mix on repeat (much to the annoyance of my housemates). Yet it’s fresh enough to not feel like you’re treading old ground.  

There are a few whispers online that there are other as yet unfinished tunes from bass’ new supergroup which I fully support if they slap as much as this one. Could we even dream of a cheeky post-lockdown B2B? I’ll see you front left if so.  

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