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Julia Bernat listens to Onyx Recording’s first foray into liquid.

Onyx Recordings make a stellar return with a brand new release from Australian producer Muted Hue and his Parting Ways EP. While Muted Hue himself is no stranger to the Onyx recordings team – currently holding a marketing position within the label – this release by the artist is his debut on the label and has been long awaited by the label and fans alike.

Twirling through a distinctly liquid flavour in its sonics is the rich musicality through title track, Parting Ways. Wistful for warmer days and brighter spirits, Muted Hue still finds a way to light a fire in the hearts of listeners, with the wonderful addition of Bazil MC accenting the detailed production and bringing it to new levels of bliss. Parting Ways is not only a delicate anthem for months to come, but also a track that will surely bring Muted Hue to the forefront of sunny releases this year.

Sophomore track Horizons brings a relentless and winding energy to the release, upping the intensity with every turn in its voyage. Distorted synths run amok here with a focus on the echoing goodness of the rhythmic sections. Horizons switches the vibe drastically with a track that’s heavier but still irresistibly danceable. There’s no doubt you’ll catch this in plenty of double drops in the forthcoming months.

A pensive soundtrack to the dark winter nights forms throughout White Lies. While the opening tracks longs for summer, this flips the script and strolls through a classy number which fits perfectly into not only the weather, but the moods of many across the board. White Lies glows through its synth pads, yet still resonates deep into the soul through its heartfelt vocals, sure to get any sentimental raver in their feelings.

With a sharp pivot into a head-spinning adaptation of the title track, Invert Era hops onto remix duty for Horizons as another name headed for big things this year. Tearing through the more delicate side of the original track, a hefty bassline lifts it into serious dancefloor territory. While still polished, the Invert Era remix takes on a more gritty feel to the track as a whole. Definitely a track to lift any somber spirits left after White Lies.

Flying the flag for the drum and bass heads down under is a producer that – unlike his name – is anything but muted. His previous work already shows a shining talent in the current cohort of artists but the Parting Ways EP is nothing if not a surefire sign that we should keep a very close eye on what the Australian producer takes into his stride this year.